Website Project Management

The only simple thing about creating a website these days is deciding that you need one.

You already know the increasing power of the Internet to build relationships, impact public perception, and generate profits. Yet, when the job of creating a well-functioning, effective website lands on your desk, you soon discover that it is no easy task.

The cast of characters grows with each facet you decide to implement. The mix of internal and external players includes stakeholders, decision makers, designers, copywriters, developers and marketers. What's more, everyone wants the site up "yesterday."

The hardest part of a website project is taking the time to define the site's scope and expectations and select talent that truly fits the job. Yet, this planning can save time, frustration, and money along the way.

E-companies and agencies who want a quality site that meets its objectives make one more smart hire--a website project manager, one like EBWebsites' Ellie Brady.

Serving as a catalyst to get your website project moving and keep it moving, Ellie guides you through the tough parts of building a successful website, providing resources and knowledge to ensure success.

Ellie's role goes way beyond timelines, tasks and deadlines. She leads the team in making your multi-component project run smoothly, eliminate unnecessary stress, and deliver a better finished product on time and within budget.

Four words describe Ellie's value to your project team:

  • Bridge between current Internet technology and your vision and goals for the site
  • Quick study of the current situation and speed in developing effective online marketing and budget strategies
  • Communicator between all team members based on real knowledge of how their roles and tasks interrelate
  • Facilitator of quality services, well-defined tasks and action-based timelines that keep your goals in mind

These components represent the EBWebsites Edge.